The @mariahpadgett Project

Mariah padgett instagram campaign: part I

When I first began working with Mariah, she had very little going on in terms of social media marketing. She had made some attempts at Instagram and Mailchimp, but there was no cohesive effort being made to consistently connect with her clientele. Being in the interior design business, I knew that having a well designed feed would be very important in this campaign. The following outlines the preliminary Instagram campaign I implemented in order to connect with Mariah’s existing followers and prime her audience for a more focused campaign. 


  • Become a consistent part of client’s feed
  • Connect with existing clients on a more personal level
  • Drive sales, specifically for low-selling brands
  • Create a cohesive & eye catching feed to draw new clients in


  • Increase profile visibility by posting to page and story regularly
  • Create story highlights to keep a permanent log of all story activity for each brand
  • Interact with clients by commenting, liking, and reposting daily
  • Create a hashtag specific to the page
  • Maintain a consistent style through intentional feed curation, photo editing, and post planning


REACH is defined as the total number of unique accounts that have seen a post. Before this campaign, Mariah’s reach on Instagram was consistently below 40. Since I began working with her in April of 2019, her posts regularly reach anywhere from 500 to 900 unique accounts, with some posts reaching over 1,700

INCREASING SALES was one of the main drivers of this campaign, and a number of sales continue to be made as a direct result of posts and stories. We feel the consistent presence of our content on Instagram has served to boost sales by keeping our products in the forefront of clients’ minds. 

HASHTAGGING each post with #mariahpadgett encourages viewers to check out other posts with the same tag, and to tag us in their own images that feature any of our products. Using other popular hashtags related to each brand and item has also increased views and interactions on every post.

EDITING all photos to have the same bright and airy look ensures a consistent and eye-catching feed. The more attractive the feed, the more likely people will follow and remain following a page. 

Click here to visit the live Instagram feed. 

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