The @mariahpadgett Project

Mariah Padgett Instagram Campaign: Part II

Once I had established a cohesive, well-styled page with a steady rate of client engagement, I implemented a more focused Instagram campaign: Friday Favorites.


  • Display featured products in a creative and engaging way
  • Institute a more consistent posting schedule
  • Offer more lifestyle and inspiration posts


  • Create a strict posting schedule
    • Every other Friday, post a 6-square collage of Friday Favorites all centering around one color scheme/theme
    • Use this color scheme/theme to inspire the subsequent 9 posts
  • Utilize quotes, recipes, and travel inspiration to create a more lifestyle-based feed
  • Promote Friday Favorites on story
  • Create other regularly scheduled story posts, such as Wallpaper Wednesday and Floral Friday, to create more consistent & memorable content


ENGAGEMENT with our feed increased. It was clear that viewers enjoyed seeing more lifestyle-focused posts as well as more personal images, which was demonstrated by an increase in likes and comments. There were also more likes and comments being made by brands as we upped our original content.

INTEREST in our feed increased as our audience began expecting & anticipating the next round of Friday Favorites every other week. 

VARIETY in our feed ensures a unique look which allows us to stand out from similar pages. 

Click here to visit the live Instagram feed. 

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