Joan Mitchell

During my undergrad at UGA, I took a class entitled Spirituality in Modern Art. Over the course of a summer, we examined six artists– Paul Gaugin, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Kasimir Malevich, Constantin Brancusi, and Ingmar Bergman– all of whom embodied the modern art movement in some way.

For the final project, we were to choose a seventh artist to compare with the group using a visual essay. This essay is comprised of two components: a slideshow presentation, which visually examines twelve themes, and an accompanying paper that expounds upon those themes.

Each theme is addressed using a “magic square.” Every square has one central image, which embodies the square’s theme, surrounded by four supporting images. Each of the five images are paired with a quotation, designed to further explain how each work of art relates to the theme. Special attention is paid to the diagonal groupings of images and how they relate to one another.

Each magic square is best understood when viewed in conjunction with the paper. Both are provided below:

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View magic square slideshow